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 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits for submitting an article to WOA? | By submitting an article to WOA, you are introducing yourself to a new audience and potentially creating new followers. Since there is no limit to the number of articles you can post, you could potentially become a featured author on our network. You also have the option of leaving a 30-second video plug for your brand/business, and potentially make it into our top-10 shameless plugs video series. example here

Can I re-post an article from a different source? | No. All submissions will be run through a plagiarism check and must show a high percentage of originality before being considered for publication.

Can I post the same article I’ve submitted to WOA on my own website? | No. Articles posted on WOA should not only be original, but should also be the only version of the article on the web, unless you’ve received expressed written consent from WOA Productions, LLC. All articles submitted to WOA are considered property of WOA Productions, LLC and are subject to copyright laws.

Am I allowed to link to my personal blog or website in the article? | Yes. We encourage self-promotion or the promotion of a local business (even if you are not affiliated with the brand). This is sort of the whole point behind this program.

What angle should I write from? | To increase your chances of being published on WOA, we recommend writing from a personal point of view. We are not as interested in articles that simply describe the topic, like Wikipedia. Write from a combination of your personal point of view and factual information. Tell us about the history, recent developments, and personal experience. Stay away from negative personal opinions. We are not in the business of posting negative reviews about any topic. So if you do not have a favorable view of a specific topic, we recommend choosing a topic that lines up with positive experiences. Our point of view at WOA, is that if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all.

Do you offer financial compensation for articles? | Yes. On occasion we will offer financial compensation for specific articles. This is done via PayPal and will be sent 1 day before the article is posted (upon approval of the article). Compensation amounts will vary anywhere from $4 - $25. Following each topic in the list, you will find the compensation value, whether it states monetary or 30-sec plug.

How do I know if a topic has already been covered? | If it’s on the list of approved topics, then it’s still open. We will accept (and actually prefer) multiple articles on the same topic. We will remove the topic from the list when it has been sufficiently covered. It is unlikely to ever be a shortage of topics to choose from.

Can I choose my own topic to write about? | Absolutely! Just be aware that your chances of being published slightly decrease. Our topics have been strategically selected by our team and all serve a purpose in our model. By choosing to write on your own topic, you risk swaying from that model. Although if your own topic aligns with our guidelines, it is likely that you will be published, but it may be less predictable as to when. We will still notify you withing 3 days of receiving your article, whether or not it has been accepted. This way your article is not in total limbo, but it may be on a less predictable time table as to when it gets published.

What is the Featured Author Program? | It is a video & podcast series that features our most popular authors. Authors will be invited to our studio for interviews, round table discussions, and possible future networking opportunities.