Blooper’s & Gag Reels

Watch what happens when our hosts & guests get tongue tied, forgetful, confused, silly, and the giggles. We like to collect these little goodies and feed them to the sharks! Enjoy.


Closing is the hardest.

Producers messing with the host & having fun with Stacy’s mom (who apparently has something going on).

Amber struggles with “Peace Out, Moon Child”.

A special guest stops by the WOA studios this week to give their take on an upcoming event in Queen Creek.

Listen to the host of “7 Things This Week” try and say the phrase “Latino Singers”. Also, listen to how one of our hosts is incapable of navigating teleprompter errors. The script was supposed to read “binge”, but it said “bing” and apparently got quite confused over a misplaced question mark. He will literally say anything.